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how to buy led aluminum profile from China factory
(2021/8/6 16:51:55)

China is the factory of the world. Thousands of goods are made in China. Led lighting products are part of the China-made commodities. And led aluminum profile is one of the lighting materials for led strip lights. Many countries buy this material from China.

  1. Find led aluminum profile manufacturer from China market.

China is a big market, thousands of led aluminum profile suppliers are doing business here. For a beginner, it’s difficult to tell which one is the best supplier or who is the real manufacturer. For a starter, he may buy led aluminum profile from a middleman or trading company. It’s maybe good at the beginning because they provide good service. But it is conducive for the long-term development of the company to work with a real led aluminum profile manufacturer. With the aggravation of market competition, the price is gradually decreasing. Buying directly from the led aluminum profile manufacturer is the best choice. Doing this can avoid paying a large amount of commission to the trading company.


  1. How to find led aluminum profile manufacturer.

The first way, attending lighting exhibitions that held in Asia. Like Hongkong International Lighting Fair and Guangzhou International Lighting Fair. In such exhibitions, you can find large numbers of led aluminum profile suppliers from China mainland.  

The second way, search from the web. You can use Google to search for your target goal. Use the exact keywords: led aluminum profile manufacturer, or led aluminum profile supplier China. In this way, you can find some most famous suppliers in China. Check their website, make a list of the contact information, send them an inquiry.


  1. Identify the led aluminum profile manufacturer.  

After you get the contact information of the led aluminum profile manufacturer, it’s time to inspect. Ask them for a video of their factory to check how they produce the products. Or asking for a factory tour if possible. A real aluminum profile manufacturer will not reject this request.

In China, most led aluminum profile manufacturers are located in Foshan and Zhongshan, which are two important industrial cities of China.

  TANGOOLED has a plastic extrusion factory in Zhongshan city, our factory produces different kinds of led extrusion diffusers for led lighting.


  1. Find out a proper led aluminum profile supplier

Make a name list of the led aluminum profile manufacturers that you select from the web. This will help you to choose the best fit one. Compare the suppliers with each other, the quality, the design, the lead time, and prices. Also, make a survey of your market selling prices and figure out how much profits you can get. If your market is the high-end consumer market, you will choose the best quality manufacturer. But if your market is, on the contrary, you will choose the cheapest price.


  1. Make a survey of the aluminum profile manufacturer.

If you have decided to cooperate with one of the aluminum profile manufacturers, you need to make a survey of the factory just to make sure they are available to provide good led aluminum profiles and good service. Things like how many workers do they have? How many machines do they have? Do they have a quality apartment? Are their product available for CE, RoHS, or other requested certificates? The more you know clearly about your partner, the better will be done in your future job.

The most important thing of making a survey of your supplier is to make sure they can guarantee the quality product and good service.


  1. Samples checking before placing order

We suggest you checking samples before placing orders. By placing a sample order, you will know the whole process of doing business with this supplier. This step will help to avoid mistakes in bulk orders. When you get the samples, check them carefully. If something does not fit your requirement, ask them to adjust it until the supplier can offer the correct products.


  1. Payment

Making payment safe is important in business. China companies always have bank accounts with their company name. Also, many companies have offshore bank accounts in Hongkong. But no company will provide a personal account for US DOLLARS. Always remember this in mind and check it every time you make the payment.


  1. Shipping

Shipping method is one of the things you need to consider before placing an order. You have to find a way to ship the goods to your warehouse. There are three different ways of international goods shipping.

Express like DHL/USP/FEDEX

Express is the fast way to deliver goods, the goods can be delivered to any places in the world within 7 days. This shipping way is for urgent goods and a total weight lower than 100kg. This is the most expensive way of shipping but not a good choice for bulk orders.

By air

By air is also a fast way to deliver goods. The price is lower than express. You can get the goods with 7- 10days. But still not a good choice for bulk orders.

By sea

By sea is the most economical way to deliver goods between international business. And it is chosen mostly, it takes weeks or months from China to your country. 


TANGOOLED is the leading led aluminum profile manufacturer in China. We are focus on design and keep good quality standards. Our led aluminum profiles are made of the high-quality 6063 aluminum alloy. The surface of each aluminum extrusion is finished for both strength and style.

Our led aluminum profiles cover a range of slim led channel systems and linear lighting systems. You can find aluminum mounts in different shapes, sizes, and finishes.

Our led aluminum profiles are available for bulk orders at wholesale rates. We can customize led aluminum profiles to your exact needs. Colors, lengths, shapes, structures can be made to your exact request.

We provide excellent service to our customers and help them choose the correct led aluminum profile for their projects.


Welcome to source led aluminum profile from our factory.

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