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Laser Engraving & Marking Machine For Pens Guide
(2021/9/19 22:04:53)


Laser Engraving & Marking Machine For Pens

When it comes to using fancy pens today, we all need something unique and exciting. From notable styles to appealing color options, everything has a wide variety in pens today. Hence, when it comes to buying pens for our home or office use, we often need something out of the box and very appealing.

Although, the task of a pen is to simply write smoothly. But in a world where appearance matters a lot, you can’t enjoy a quality writing experience if your pen is plain and boring. Especially when you’re running a small-scale pen business, it can be even more struggling to create decorations on its plastic body on your own. However, with the use of the pen laser engraver, it can be easier to avail of self-designed pens at home while also ensuring that your small-scale pen business can run smoothly without many struggles.

laser engraving pen

While using a laser may seem dangerous, the pen laser engraver serves as a modern way to create unique and attractive designs/letterings on plastic and metal body pens. Yet, if you’ve heard of this engraving machine for the first time, let’s go ahead and explore more about it in detail below.

What Kind Of Laser Can Engrave Pens?

When it comes to using the laser engraver for pens, you must understand which type of laser engraver you need to purchase. With various types of pen laser engravers in the market, each works differently and can be suitable for different materials.

Here, let’s talk about different types that are mainly used as pen laser engraver machines today.

· CO2 Laser Engraver:

This laser engraver for pens is used for engraving on metallic-body pens. This type of machine is effective on all metallic pens and their metal parts. Although most of the pens come with a plastic body, they may have metal parts too. Either way, the CO2 laser engraving machine is highly reliable in creating your logo or designing your brand information on the body of the pen.

The working of these machines involves the usage of CO2 gas for engraving operations. These machines need electricity to start working on materials like ceramic, leather, wood, garment, jade, bamboo, acrylic, rubber, paper, and glass.

· Fiber Laser Engraving Machines:

Another commonly used pen laser engraver is the fiber laser engraving machine. While the previous machine works mostly on the metallic body, it is still suitable for all kinds of pen body materials.

However, if you need to design a pen that doesn’t have a plastic body but a metal framework, then the fiber laser engraver is just what you need. This machine is highly effective in creating some effective and appealing designs on the metallic parts of pens. Hence, this type of laser engraver for pens is highly suitable to create high-quality designs of metallic pens.

How Does It Work?

The laser pen engraver machine comes with CNC (Computer Numerical Control) laser marking system. This system helps the machine adopt a laser beam that leaves permanent marks on the pen’s material, whether it is a letter, sign, logo, number, pattern, picture, or photos.

The laser engraver machine for pens comes with a customized conveyor belt from the pen modules. When it comes to using these machines, all you need to do is pull the pen in the module, and then the pen will automatically get engraved using the laser pen engraver. The advanced, simple, and fast pen engraving function of these machines make them a modern solution for designing pens today.

Types, Pros, And Cons Of Pen Engravers

The next highly important thing to consider before investing in a laser engraver machine is what type of machine is suitable for you. Apart from that, since every machine or product has some pros and cons coming with it, it’s crucial to explore them beforehand for a better purchase.

Hence, let’s go ahead and explore the two common types of laser pen engraver, according to the products it can work on, its pros, and cons.

· CO2 Laser Engraver:

In the manufacturing industry, the most common laser engraver machine is the CO2 laser engraver. This engraver machine is mainly effective for engraving on:

· Various packaging’s (in the packing industry)

· Arts/crafts, molds, and toys.

· Wooden frames, utensils, ceramic pots, stationery

· Textiles

· Handicrafts

· Electronic components

· Communications


· It has a precise output

· It can be programmed the way you want it to work

· It has exceptional quality laser beams

· They have extremely high efficiency, making them popular in the business.


· It doesn’t work well with metallic materials

· The glass laser tube working life of a CO2 gas laser tube is only 2000 hours (if you go for gals gas laser tube)

· Program failure can sometimes cause overheating issues.

· Fiber Engraving Machine:

The next common engraving machine for pens in the industry is the fiber engraving machine. This machine is used for:

· PVC plastics,

· Polypropylene

· Polyethylene plastics



· They come with an advanced air cooling system that offers low-maintenance working.

· They come with high precision output performance

· They work perfectly fine on metallic materials

· They serve well for industrial and commercial applications

· These machines are environmentally friendly


· These machines with pen auto feeding system can be very expensive

· It does not allow you to choose the engraving color.

Things You Should Know Before Choosing It

Another most crucial thing to consider before purchasing a laser pen engraver machine is the features. While you may find various brands offering a wide variety of pen laser engraving machines, choosing the right one can be struggling.

However, once you know what features are needed for your pen engraving demands, you can easily make a cost-efficient purchase. For a clearer idea, let’s explore the major features of a laser engraver for pens below in detail.

· Personal Requirements:

The most crucial thing to consider before buying a laser engraver is your pen engraving demands. Depending on why you need the pen engraver and what outcome you expect from the machine will help you understand which machine is the best for you. Therefore, make sure you pre-plan the features and output of pen engraving that you’ll demand from the engraver machine.

· Your Budget:

While there are numerous pen engraving machine brands and laser engraver types in the market, their budget can vary. From the cheapest to the most costly, pen engraver machines are present in the market. Hence, make sure you don’t blindly choose any machine that seems good at first glance. Instead, choose the machine that seems to fit your budget while fulfilling your performance demands too.

· Replacement Parts:

While each machine can have a different structure and design with unique working performance, you must look into it while purchasing the machine. Some pen engraving machines come with easily accessible and cheap replacement parts, while others can give you a hard time in replacement and maintenance. So make sure you choose a laser engraver for pens that offers you replacement ease with easily accessible parts in the market.

· Easy Maintenance:

Every machine requires timely maintenance. You can’t expect a machine to serve you efficiently for years without going through its timely maintenance. However, some machines need maintenance after every few months, while others can serve longer. So depending upon your maintenance ease and demands, choose the right laser engraver machine.

· Accuracy:

Lastly, what matters the most in a laser engraver for pens is its engraving accuracy. Whether you’re using the machine to make your personal belongings attractive or to start a creatively engraved pen business, perfection and accuracy are much needed. You can’t expect a basic-looking pen engraving to look appealing or pay off the cost of the laser engraver. Hence, choose the machine that offers extreme accuracy (or at least the much you need) to add a unique engraving of your choice to pens.

Engraving Ideas On Pen Using The Laser Engraver

While it is crucial to make the right laser engraver purchase, you can’t even start with any random engraving design. Besides, unique designs are much needed to make basic pens look attractive and not similar to other engraved pens in the market. For that, you can work on the following ideas of engraving:

· Name or quotes

· Short patterns of borders

· Logo

· Business/brand name or design

· Tiny symbols

· Business/cartoon/special character images

· The first letter of names, etc.


So that’s all to purchasing the right laser pen engraver for creating unique and attractive engraved designs on your pens. With the 30W laser machine around and the right ideas to work on, you can easily create attractive engraved designs/letterings on both plastic and metal body pens.

Now go ahead and make basic and boring pens look attractive for your workplace and business!


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