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How Do LED Strip Lights Work When Cut?
(2020/8/12 21:32:19)

It doesn’t matter if you are planning to illuminate cabinets or just want to backlight the television, there is always something for your requirements. When it comes to getting optimum versatility and durability, there could be nothing better than LED strip lights. They are provided with LED emitters attached on flexible, narrow circuit board.

Here, the thing to consider is that LED strips are available in various lengths ranging between 3 feet and 16 feet. But obviously, you don’t always need the same lengths and therefore, would have to trim them. Don’t worry, they will keep working after this but, your job is to cut them with a lot of care because if their circuit is damaged, the entire strip light would become useless.

It is, therefore, better to gather some knowledge about how to cut LED strip lights so that they can keep on working after being cut into small pieces. Let commercial LED strip lights manufacturer experts figure this out by getting answers of the following questions:

Is it Possible to Cut LED Strip Lights?
Remember, there is no such rule that no size fits all. All that matters is to determine whether you need monochromatic or RGB, flexible or rigid, waterproof or non-waterproof. There is just one thing in common- you can customize their lengths.

So, at the time of cutting LED strip lights, notice that there are dotted or straight black lines at regular intervals. This shows that circuits are closed at these intervals and it will be safe to cut through them. Don’t worry if you find each line different from the other. There will be 3 LEDs in each interval and therefore, would need proper measurements before cutting. For instance, an LED strip light having 30 LEDs, you will find cutting lines after every 10cm.

What to Take Care of While Cutting Strip Lights?

It’s quite common to trim down LED strip lights. You just have to following this guide:
· Check your LEDs before cutting. Remember that soldering or cutting lights will void their warranty.
· Measure appropriate length for your LED strip according to the requirements of the place you want to install them.
· Take a sharp knife and cut through the cutting lines.
· Now decide how you are going to connect them to the power source. You can either add sockets, or strip connectors to make the work easier.

Is it Possible to Recommend Those LED Strips?
Sometimes, you might end up cutting wrong lengths or just cannot figure out how many short strips you would need. Even sometimes, you might need longer ones as compared to those available versions. This is when you will have to figure out how to recommend those LED strip lights so that they can meet the requirements.

The best possible solution is to use connectors that are readily available in local shops. All you need to do is to come up with the right shape, angle and connecting pins.

Wrapping Up
In summation, it can be said that LED strip lights are customizable and flexible enough to meet the expectations. It doesn’t matter how small or big they are, you will always have the options to choose from.

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